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June 29, 2009: The Making of "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies"

VoicesFromKrypton.com has managed to get exclusive interviews with a number of creative people involved in the up-coming "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" direct-to-DVD animated movie.

    Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is the new direct-to-DVD animated film from Warner Premier, that has President of the United States Lex Luthor declaring that Superman and, by association, Batman, are enemies of the country and must be brought to justice by any means necessary. Voices From Krypton interviews Jeph Loeb, Tim Daly, Clancy Brown, Stan Berkowitz, Gregory Noveck and more.

Tim Daly, returning to voice the role of Superman, talks about working with Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Clancy Brown (Lex Luthor) in "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies"...

    "Doing animation," he continues, "is always interesting, because you don't have to all be in the room together. It can be done separately. But it's always better when you're in the room, because at that point you are responding to another actor or, in this case, actors. That makes it more real and elevates everyone's game. Kevin is such a good Batman and, unlike Superman, Batman is pretty cynical. He's a darker character. When you have those two flavors playing off each other, in real time, there's a lot more sizzle to it. You're not in a vacuum. So being in the studio together is definitely helpful. And then there's Clancy, who has such a beautiful, resonant voice. That, alone, is fantastic, but he's also a really good actor. Villains are a tremendous amount of fun, because you can really take those characters out there. And Clancy takes Lex wherever he needs to go perfectly - he really has a lot of scenes in this film."

You can read the complete article at the ComicBookMovie.com website.

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