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July 31, 2009: Superman Movie Director/Producer Rumor

IESB.net claims to have heard whispers regarding Warner Bros. fast-tracking the next Superman movie, with rumblings about who might helm the film...

    First are the Wachowski Brothers, yep, Andy and Larry. The other name I am hearing is James McTeigue.

    Here's where things get fuzzy, because I am also hearing the Wachowski's may come in to produce with James McTeigue as the actual director.

    Part of me wonders why WB would allow the Wachowski's anywhere near Superman after the amount of money they cost the studio after the disaster that was Speed Racer. But, then again, they did make WB plenty of dough on the Matrix trilogy plus Jeff Robinov loves these guys.

    To me, it makes more sense to have Andy and Larry Wachowski serve as producers with James McTeigue to direct after the awesomeness that is his film Ninja Assassin because the one absolute mandate WB and DC have for the new Superman film is for it to be action packed, something Superman Returns was sorely lacking. And there is no doubt that the Wachowski's and McTeigue can be relied on for action.

You can read the complete article at IESB.net.

Remember, this is simply rumor and speculation on IESB's part. Nothing official has been announced yet.

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