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March 19, 2009: Mark Millar Moves on from Superman Movie

Writer Mark Millar posted an update on his MillarWorld message boards regarding the status of his pitch to Warner Bros. for a Superman movie trilogy...

    Warner's talked to us and a few other writer/director teams, but things seem to be in stasis right now. As far as I understand, nothing is happening with Superman at the moment and so the director and I are just working on another project. If it happens, great. If it doesn't, no biggie.

As for who his director friend is...

    The director was the one who was approached by WB, not me, so it would be bad form for me to spill the beans. But we're working on our replacement project at the moment and when this gets announced I'd imagine we'll talk a little about Superman.

Millar went on to reaffirm his love for characters like Superman and Batman, but is excited about working on his own creator-owned projects.

Thanks to Eli Gutierrez for the lead on this news.

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