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July 20, 2009: Who Was Mark Millar's Superman Director?

In an article about the on-going Superman copyright legal battle, The Times Online spoke to writer Mark Millar, who at one point had pitched a Superman movie trilogy to Warner Bros. with the backing of a "big name Director". Millar reveals that his director friend was Matthew Vaughn, director of films such as "Layer Cake" and "Stardust", who he is currently collaborating with for the movie adaption of "Kick-Ass". Here's an excerpt from the article...

    Scottish comic book writer and producer Mark Millar told The Times that Warners had approached him and Matthew Vaughn, the director of Layer Cake, to reboot the franchise. The last attempt at reviving Superman on screen, Superman Returns in 2006, was deemed to be a critical and financial failure and Millar and Vaughn had plans to turn the Man of Steel into a Lord of the Rings-type epic. However, the studio got cold feet and Millar and Vaughn moved on to other things. "They spoke to me and Matthew last year and we were obviously very interested as the love is there and the potential is enormous," he said yesterday. "But we're not involved in Superman at this stage."

    Millar, who is currently is collaborating with Vaughn on the movie adaptation of his hit comic Kick-Ass, told The Times earlier this year that his plan was "to do a Superman movie unlike anything you've ever seen before. Matthew wanted to cast someone who looked nothing like Christopher Reeve and create a new Superman for this generation. But Superman is still in stasis at the moment because the last one lost so much money and [Warners] are scared to do anything with the character right now. I'm not holding my breath."

You can read the entire article at The Times Online website.

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