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July 24, 2009: Spacey, Huntington and Routh Talk Superman Movie

MTV's Splash Page has a video interview with Kevin Spacey, promoting his new indie film "Shrink". During the interview they ask him about a possible return to the role of Lex Luthor...

    "They have me," the actors explained while promoting "Shrink," his indie flick about a pot-smoking Hollywood therapist. "We made a several picture deal."

    Yet the court development doesn't seem to have kick-started any dialogue between the studio and its would-be Lex. Spacey hasn't seen a script and doesn't know if original director Bryan Singer will in fact return.

    And Singer's involvement, it turns out, is the key. "If they make the movie and Bryan Singer's directing the movie, then I will do it," Spacey told us. "If they make the movie and they go in a completely different direction and they decide they want other actors, then obviously that's their purview."

    "I'd be up for it," he said. "I had a great time doing it and it's one of the great iconic parts."

You can see the video interview at MTV's website.

Meanwhile, IGN.com reports that at the San Diego Comic-Con panel for their "Dead of Night" movie, Brandon Routh (Superman) and Sam Huntington (Jimmy Olsen) responded to questions about them returning for future Superman films...

    When asked if there was any news on the project, Huntington quickly shouted out, "No!" But Routh was a little more forthcoming.

    The Superman Returns leading man said that there appears to be new momentum on the project and that he and Sam are both interested in returning for the sequel if it happens.

ComicBookMovie.com also spoke with Brandon Routh and asked him how he'd feel if Warner Bros. created a Superman movie without him in the lead role...

    "That's a tough question to ask, but I trust that everything goes as planned and I'd love to return to the character," said Routh. "I love the character and loved working with Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures and I'd be happy to come back."

You can watch the complete video interview at ComicBookMovie.com.

Thanks to Paul (AusFan) for the link to this interview.

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