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February 9, 2009: McG's Thoughts on Rebooting Superman

io9.com interviewed director McG about his next move, asking him whether he'd want to try his hand at doing the next Superman movie...

    Are you willing to take another shot at Superman now that they are rebooting it again?

    I talk to JJ [Abrams] a lot about that. We went through a lot on that whole thing, I don't know. I talk to the DC guys, [President Paul] Levitz is here and I just saw Greg. Food for thought. I think it's a great character, I would want to make the character infinitely more dark and complicated, and get away from the big Blue Boy Scout a little bit and get into the alien among us. And how that could be lonely and interesting. It's not that I would make it depressing, I'd would just make it a little tougher... Which I suspect people would respond to. We have the glorious Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, which to me is an excellent example. I like the Schumacher pictures and everything Burton did but it needed to be reinvented to some degree and I think we're all better for it. We're all happy it went that way at least. I haven't thought about it [editor's note...clearly].

    The next picture I'm likely to make is 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Which is challenging, because it's got the classic literature roots and it's the film that Walt Disney sort of bet the farm on when he was only known for animation when he got involved in live action.

Read the entire interview at io9.com.

Thanks to copacetic for the link to this story.

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