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February 5, 2009: Superman Franchise Still High on Time Warner Agenda

On February 4, 2009, Time Warner held its fourth quarter 2008 earnings conference call for shareholders. During the call, Time Warner's President and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey L. Bewkes referred to Time Warner's desire to develop ongoing film franchises and specifically mentioned the Man of Steel:

    In a related way of thinking, and you've seen it in Harry Potter which we're proud, even though we know there are seven Harry Potter books and there will be eight Harry Potter movies, it's fantastic to have franchises that not only last that long, but where and I think Warner's you should stop and consider that Warner's has been able, with a number of these franchises and we want to do it with Batman, Superman and Sherlock Holmes perhaps, as you go along the sequels as they used to call them, are performing as well and are as original and good in terms of storyline with new characters added and new, very important actors added as were the originals, which didn't used to be the case in the old sequel business years ago.

You can read the call transcript in its entirety here. The discussion quoted above can be found here.

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