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January 15, 2009: McG Would Have Used Doomsday for Superman Villain

LatinoReview.com has an article focusing on McG's "Terminator: Salvation" film and his hope to get Will Smith to star as Captain Nemo in a remake of "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea". Reporter Kellvin Chavez also asked McG about getting kicked off his "Superman" project and which villain he would have used in his movie.

    I continued pressing McG for information and I remembered that at one time he was going to direct SUPERMAN, and he talked about what happened "I actually got fired from that due to my fear of flying." As to how his vision would have been different he answered "I would've made it a much darker film. I like Bryan I think he's a fantastic director and I like Donner too, but I would have made it darker." And would he have chosen Lex Luthor as a villain or another? "DOOMSDAY. I like DOOMSDAY."

To clarify on the fear of flying thing, Warner Bros. were set on filming in Australia for financial reasons, but McG was unwilling to come "down under" due to his Aviophobia.

Thanks to Eli Gutierrez for the link to this story.

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