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July 9, 2009: Superman Cameo in "Green Lantern" Film Still Happening?

Months ago there was speculation that Superman (or more correctly, Clark Kent) would be making a cameo appearance in the up-coming "Green Lantern" movie. MTV's Splashpage caught up with the film's co-writer Marc Guggenheim to see if the cameo was still part of their plans...

    "Honestly, it changes on a daily basis. Whatever information I gave you today would be obsolete in a week, and maybe come back again in two weeks," said Guggenheim. "And even if it wasn't in flux at the script stage, it would still be constantly in flux because you can film it, put it in the original cut, and eventually it could end up on the editing room floor."

    However, he didn't deny that the Superman's alter ego would be making an appearance during the big-screen debut of "Green Lantern" - so there's still hope for fans hoping to get Hal Jordan and Clark Kent on the same screen at the same time.

    "I will say, all the Easter Eggs and the cameos that I put in, I couldn't even begin to predict at this point which ones will stay and which ones will go," he said. "I'll be as interested as anyone else to see what we end up keeping and losing by the time the picture is actually locked... and that's pretty far away from now."

You can read the complete report at MTV's website.

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