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November 29, 2006: Kevin J Anderson Talks “The Last Days of Krypton” Novel

The Pulse has conducted an interview with Kevin J. Anderson, author of the up-coming novel "The Last Days of Krypton", and speaks about exploring an aspect of Superman's history that should have all fans of the Man of Steel excited. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: Although almost everyone knows that Superman is from Krypton and that the planet exploded, much more about the world isn't widely known - aside from a few untold tales and a few limited series from the '80s. So, how do you research something like this to write the Last Days of Krypton?

    KEVIN J. ANDERSON: I did a lot of background reading, picking up the tidbits of Krypton and its spectacular end (many of which are contradictory). Brainiac and how he steals the Kryptonian capital city of Kandor, General Zod and his revolt as well as his two companions Aethyr and Nam-Ek (called Ursa and Non in the first two Superman films), Argo City (the origin of Supergirl), Jor-El and Lara.

    Because so many different versions of this "history" have been floated around over the past six decades, I had the freedom to take the best parts and make the most effective story possible.

    Q: Why did you want to take on a project like this? It's not exactly the type of Superman story that most people would dream of writing - at least since it doesn't really feature Superman per se, but his family and some of the people who will become his greatest foes...

    ANDERSON: Superman is, of course, a very popular hero, but -- being a science fiction guy -- I always thought the origin story, the end of a highly sophisticated planet and one man trying to save it even when nobody believes him, was the most interesting part. This is a part of a great mythos that has never really been fully explored in almost 60 years of Superman history.

Read the entire interview at The Pulse website.

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