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JAKKS Superman Console

April 14, 2006: Jakk's Announces Superman and Justice League Consoles

JAKKS has announced a whole line of Plug 'n Play games based on Superman, Justice League, and more! The Pulse caught up with John Choon, Senior Brand Manager for JAKKS' electronic games for some details about these fun adventures. Here are a few excerpts from their interview...

    Q: What was interesting with Justice League is that you didn't just focus on Superman or Batman you had Hawkgirl taking a lead in a lot of it and Martian Manhunter as well. How did you decide which heroes to focus on? Why have say Hawkgirl taking center stage over Wonder Woman or Martian Manhunter over a Superman or Batman who might have a larger fan base?

    A: Why not have Hawkgirl in the game? She rules!! Giving a lesser known superhero a chance to be at the forefront is rare in video games, so we thought it would be a good change of pace. Plus, Batman and Superman have their own TV Games controllers already.

    Q: What I also liked about the Justice League game and some of the others I've played is the save points within the quest game. I liked being able to save the game and come back to it later, instead of having to go through all of it in one sitting. A lot of games don't incorporate that. What made you include this feature?

    JAKKS Justice League Console A: We felt the exact same way as you do. The save feature is a minimum requirement in console games, and our platform has reached a point where this feature can now be integrated into the game design without compromising gameplay.

    Q: So far we've seen Justice League, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four; what other superhero games are either in the works or in stores soon from Jakks?

    A: We just released a Superman controller and it should be hitting store shelves in the next month. X-Men will be launching next month and we're very excited to be a part of this great franchise. Last, we will be releasing another Spider-Man controller in 2007 to launch in conjunction with the next film.

Read the entire interview at The Pulse website.

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