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Superman Returns

November 15, 2006: Superman Returns Videogame Demo on Xbox Live Marketplace

All of Superman's powers will be in your hands when Superman Returns: The Videogame hits stores November 22nd. In the meantime, test your skills and experience the ultimate flying fix in a demo of the game, available on Xbox Live Marketplace as of today.

You'll be dropped right in the middle of Metropolis' three Industrial Islands, where you'll get to experience flying in a way you've never seen before in any other videogame. Soaring through the completely open-world environment, you can enjoy interacting directly with the people, traffic, and just about any other object around you, whether it's on the ground or sitting on a rooftop. Exploration and experimentation are on the immediate agenda until you're ready for more of a challenge.

The demo features five missions contained in two chapters, which give you a taste of the challenges you'll face while constantly striving to save Metropolis. Each mission provides a unique challenge for Superman, as Metropolis gets attacked from the ground, from the air, and everywhere in between.

The demo culminates in a classic battle with Superman's arch-nemesis, Metallo, who sends his robotic minions scurrying throughout the city trying to inflict as much damage as possible before you can put a stop to it.

Whether it's battling atop the city's skyline, or protecting individual citizens directly on the streets of Metropolis, Superman has his work cut out for him as he must constantly be in multiple places at the same time to protect the city he loves.

Will you be able to master Superman's superpowers to save Metropolis from devastation?

The videogame will be released on November 22, and is available for pre-order now.

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