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Justice League: Heroes

September 13, 2006: Playing the “Justice League: Heroes” Video Game

GameSpot has published an article on the "Justice League: Heroes" video game, having received a demonstration of the game from Warner Bros. Interactive. The article includes a video interview with producer Jeff Nachbaur who shows off quite a bit of the game play. Here's an excerpt from the article...

    Superpowers are accessed by holding down the left shoulder button, at which point a small diagram appears on the screen to let you know which five abilities you currently have mapped to the five superpower buttons. Many of the superpowers that we got to play around with today won't be available from the outset, so consider this a spoiler warning if you don't want to know about some of the powers that you'll be using later in the game.

    The first two superheroes that we got to see in action were Superman and Batman, who were battling "assault bots" in the financial district of a city. Superman's most memorable moves included setting fire to enemies at a distance with his thermal vision and turning them into blocks of ice with his frost breath so that they could then be shattered with a few well-placed punches. With his incredible strength, the Man of Steel was also able to wield lampposts and cars like baseball bats, using them to swat enemies as if they were flies. Batman's martial arts skills were complemented by his abilities to throw batarangs, to summon a swarm of bats, to temporarily stun enemies with flashbangs, and to pull enemies toward him (or himself toward objects) using a grapple claw.

Read the complete article at the GameSpot website.

You can pre-order "Justice League: Heroes" for PlayStation2, Xbox, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, and PSP.

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