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Superman Returns

October 4, 2006: Getting an Inside Look at “Superman Returns: The Videogame”

Dear readers,

Neal Bailey here, to inform you of an up-coming article attraction. Thanks to EA Games, I'm going to experience a "Community Day," whereby journalists and, well, me, are flown to Florida to play the Superman Returns video game, see a number of presentations on the specs, and just generally get a lot of good information about the project.

Special thanks to Barry Freiman for this. He got the offer first, but turned it down because I'm a bigger video game geek. Many thanks.

I'll give you the lowdown on how much the game rocks or bombs (I have a feeling it won't suck), try and get you some video, definitely a long article, and pictures wherever they won't chop off my hands for taking them.

Ne'er you mind about questions of swag. I'll be honest about the game. But just to let you know, it's coming up.

This also means, alas, that this week's Smallville review will be a few days late.

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