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Justice League: Heroes

April 28, 2006: Justice League Video Game Interview

IGN spoke with Jason Ades, producer on the up-coming video game "Justice League: Heroes"...

    There are a number of things that make this game better than our competitors in similar genres, I think. One, we haven't approached this game as a clone of another title and we haven't tried to mirror past Snowblind games either. We're building upon their technology and build a true Justice League game. We want our features to feel very unique to this universe and we think they're going to be.

    Specifically, this game has more of a progressive action feel to it. In traditional action-RPGs you have players chugging health potions to regain health or stamina, but that doesn't feel very heroic to us. We ditched the "potion-chugging formula" for something that's close to a Halo-style health meter. The reason we did this is because, let's face it, the only thing superheroes need is the opportunity for a second wind. They just need a moment to regain their energy to get right back in there and fight.

Read the entire interview at the IGN.com website.

Look for more details to be released during the up-coming E3 Games Expo held from May 10 to May 12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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