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Justice League Heroes

October 18, 2006: GamePro Reviews “Justice League Heroes” for PS2

GamePro.com has published a review of the "Justice League Heroes" video game. Here's an excerpt from their article...

    Justice League Heroes starts you off with Batman and Superman but as the game progress, the roster of available superheroes expands to include fan favorites such as The Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. But it's not just the superheroes that get their due - you'll battle some familiar villains as well, including Gorilla Grodd and Darkseid.

    The various characters are rendered nicely and the excellent voice work really brings them to life. Batman is as moody and introspective as ever while Superman is ever the Boy Scout. And controlling your heroes is a breeze thanks to straight-forward controls that bring to mind those found in the X-Men Legends series.

Read the complete review at GamePro.com.

Purchase the "Justice League Heroes" video game on Xbox, PS2, Nintendo DS, GameBoy Advance or PSP.

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