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The Gospel According to the World's Greatest Superhero

May 12, 2006: One-on-One Interview with Stephen Skelton

By Neal Bailey

Stephen Skelton's book "The Gospel According to the World's Greatest Superhero" is a critical examination of Superman as both an allegorical representation of Christ and a literal one, positing that through the theory of the intentional fallacy, one who is Christian is motivated or even obligated to understand Christ in greater depth through literature, and that in our society, one of the best representations is Superman.

The book covers this in deep, provoking discussion through examination of the films, the comics, the radio serials, through interviews. If you're looking for a thorough, and I do mean thorough examination of Superman as a Christ figure, you can't find a better, more in-depth examination.

The Superman Homepage would like to thank Stephen for agreeing to do this interview, and for fitting it into his busy schedule.

Click here to read the one-on-one interview with Stephen Skelton.

And, if you missed it, Neal's review on the book is here.

Book cover art by Eamon O'Donoghue.

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