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Joey Fatone's Room

August 1, 2006: Joey Fatone's Superman Collection

Sunday night's 100th episode of "Cribs" on MTV in the U.S. featured Joey Fatone (of 'N Sync fame) showing off his lavish estate. How is this Superman related? Well Joey Fatone is a big Superman fan, and he has a room totally dedicated to the Man of Steel.

The TV show hinted at more material viewable online at overdrive.mtv.com, by clicking "On TV" and scrolling down until you see "Cribs: Bonus Bling [Ep. 01]." If you double click on the picture of Joey and then click play under "Never Before Seen: Joey Fatone." The extras shown include his guitar collection, his daughters room and his Superman Room!

If you can't view the MTV website version, you can watch it via YouTube.

Thanks to Ryan Castillo for the lead on this story.

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