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Superman - Tower of Power

February 16, 2006: Six Flags St. Louis Announces New Superman Ride

As Six Flags Theme Parks celebrates 45 years of family fun and entertainment, Six Flags St. Louis adds the largest number of rides, attractions and family entertainment at one time in the park's history! These exciting additions include a new family section, Bugs Bunny National Park; the extreme free-fall ride, SUPERMAN Tower of Power and an entertainment package including JUSTICE LEAGUE characters, fireworks and a daily parade! "We are very excited to get this opportunity to introduce a new attraction package that offers so many different elements for so many members of our audience including little kids and teens to young adults and parents," states David Roemer, General Manager of Six Flags St. Louis. The new additions combine to offer 10 new rides and attractions!

SUPERMAN Tower of Power
SUPERMAN Tower of Power will test even nerves of steel as riders are slowly carried up to the top of the 230-ft tower while seated four across in ski-lift style chairs that face outward leaving their feet dangling in the open air. With a bird's eye view of the park from this towering mass of steel, guests are suspended for several seconds of gut wrenching, muscle tensing anticipation before the impending drop, a 23-story plunge at speeds in excess of 60-mph! This breath-taking, white-knuckle free fall ends with a Super Heroes landing and riders lining up for another encounter with SUPERMAN Tower of Power!

More Family Entertainment
In 2006 guests will experience a day of fantasy and awe unlike any other! Anyone who ever dreamed of leaping tall buildings in a single bound, having super human powers or saving the world will get the chance to meet some of their favorite JUSTICE LEAGUE characters in person this summer at the theme park. JUSTICE LEAGUE Super Heroes will take time out from defending good against evil to pose for photos and sign autographs for their loyal supporters. The Super Heroes will also take part in a daily parade featuring the Looney Tunes characters and other park celebrities.

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