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Lex Luthor

July 27, 2006: Is Lex Luthor the Best Literary Villain of All Time?

Bloomsbury has recently launched the BigBadRead, a search to find the favorite literary villain from a children's book. Lex Luthor is amongst the 40 villains selected.

From Cruella De Vil to Moriarty, from Bill Sikes to Voldemort there have been hundreds of villains that readers have enjoyed hating. But which one is the ultimate baddie?

With the help of several Children's Books Experts, Bloomsbury has drawn up a list of 40 of those most vile villains.

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The BigBadRead is Supported by The National Reading Campaign.

The National Reading Campaign aims to ensure that as many people as possible enjoy the pleasures and benefits that reading can bring. It is delivered by the National Literacy Trust on behalf of the Department for Education and Skills.

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