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Superman - Tower of Power

May 18, 2006: Superman Tower of Power Ride Opens at Six Flags St Louis

The Six Flags Theme Park in St. Louis is set to have their own Superman ride. The ride opens this Friday (May 19), with the mayor of Metropolis - the one in Illinois - on hand for the ribbon cutting. Miss Metropolis and the Metropolis High School marching band will also be in attendance for the opening. The entire town, in fact, is invited for free admission to the park for the day, said Dave Roemer, general manager of the park. All they have to do is show their drivers license.

Six Flags St. Louis.
An extreme free fall ride that will take thrill seekers' breath away! SUPERMAN Tower of Power will test even nerves of steel as riders are slowly carried up to the top of the 230-ft tower while seated four across in ski-lift style chairs that face outward leaving their feet dangling in the open air. With a bird's eye view of the park from this towering mass of steel, guests are suspended for several seconds of gut wrenching, muscle tensing anticipation before the impending drop, a 23-story plunge at speeds in excess of 60-mph! This breath-taking, white-knuckle free fall ends with a Super Heroes landing and riders lining up for another encounter with SUPERMAN Tower of Power!
Introduced: May 2006
Height: 230 feet
Top Speed: Lift Speed - 16 feet per second. Free Fall Speed - Approx. 62 mph

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