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Superman Effervescent Multivitamin

June 5, 2006: Superman Effervescent Multivitamin for Children

Bio-Synergy in the U.K. has announced the release of a Superman Effervescent Multivitamin for children...

    Give you child a super-human start to the day with the Universes first effervescent multivitamin for children.

    Effervescent multivitamin for children, a fun way to take vitamins in a delicious orange & blackcurrant flavour.

    Studies have concluded that people who take multi-vitamins are healthier than those who do not. Supplements provide us with the nutrients that our body may lack if we consume a less than perfect diet.

    Many children have problems swallowing solid tablets or capsules, making effervescent a great alternative. Simply dissolve one tablet in a glass of water and after 3 minutes enjoy a great tasting vitamin enriched drink.

    The effervescent tablet has come to be widely recognised as one of the most beneficial and effective oral dosage forms.

    The Superman Effervescent is available in two flavours Orange and Blackcurrant they contain 100% of Vitamins and Minerals to meet recommended daily amount.

    The Superman Effervescent are available from the following:

    Independent pharmacies, health food shops, Rowlands Pharmacies, (Argos from beginning of July 2006), and bio-synergy.

The Superman Effervescent retails at 4.99 for 20 tablets.

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