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March 20, 2006: Superman Homepage at the Emerald City Comic Con

Dear readers:

We've decided to invade the con circuit. Mwu ha ha ha!

A ton of people over the years have asked me whether I (Neal Bailey) will visit Wizard World Chicago, the San Diego Con, Wizard World Texas. Until of late, I have had a die-hard commitment to financial solvency and the desire to stay above water. To that end, I had to politely decline.

BUT, with mania for Superman Returns in full force and my brain on spasmodic vacation, I, Neal Bailey, set forth and bought a booth at both the Emerald City Comic Con (April 1 and 2, Seattle, Washington) and Wizard World Chicago (August 3-6, Chicago, Illinois), along with plane tickets. I will be there, assuming they don't put me on the no-fly list.

I'll be taking advice and suggestions for the Superman Homepage, as well as talking with anyone about the state of the website, what they like, etcetera. There will be a list for people who want to be added to the mailing list and a suggestion box. I'll also be wide open to folks who want to tell me I'm full of beans and tell me I use, you know, too many commas. Not that I, you know, do. Or, more practically, that I'm wrong about Birthright or Infinite Crisis or any number of things.

Much more effective than electronic mail, you too can engage in PERSONAL COMMUNICATION. Influence the site! Drive us to debauchery! Explain just what you think is the definitive Supes!

Whether this will happen repeatedly is dependent on a few factors. First: response. Whether you all want to talk to us and come to visit if you're in the area.

Secondly, sadly: sales. The way I'm managing to finance this (Ha! Finance it. Ha! That's a good one.) is by selling copies of my books, chapbooks, and broadsides at a cheapo dirt poor writer price on the other side of the four foot table. So first off, if you can come and visit, great. If you can contribute to the con circuit petty cash which I will end up paying back at 20 percent interest and/or when I sell my house, whichever comes first, even better.

But it's not a requirement. We'll just be happy to see you all in person, and I'm grateful that we can finally take this opportunity. Honestly, I'm always jazzed to meet you guys, and this'll be a neat way to help make the Superman Homepage experience more personal.

And hey, we're not the only attraction (Ha again!). The Emerald City Comic Con has over 7,000 attendees, and sports a TON of great Superman writers and illustrators past and present, including Dexter Vines (last year I scammed the page where Luthor shoots up off him), Tim Sale, Matt Haley (upcoming on Superman Returns), Doug Mahnke, Dan Brereton, Dave McCaig, Matt Wagner, Stuart Immonen, Gail Simone, and likely more that haven't been announced yet. And tickets? DIRT CHEAP. Cheaper than most graphic novels.

Wizard World Chicago, which I'll remind you about in a few months, will feature a number of great artists who have yet to be announced. Last year they had Jim Lee, Jeph Loeb, Kevin Smith (Superman Lives) and a number of really great panels. The attendance was over 55,000 people, so it's effectively 10 times the number at Emerald City, meaning Emerald City will be my test run for how well Chicago might go, so please, if you're around, show up!

There will be punch and pie.*


Neal, Steve, and the Superman Homepage staff.

*Punch optional, pie may cost more than a small island. Some restrictions may apply. Not valid in Washington State.

See you there!

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