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April 18, 2006: Superman, Superman Everywhere - So What Exactly Are You Going to Buy?

By Barry Freiman

We all have a decent idea of what's coming this summer with the Superman Returns opening. The film's quality aside, opening weekend stands to be the biggest opening for a comic book movie ever. It will certainly break IMAX box-office records quickly. And once that next elusive trailer shows up, the marketing of the movie will really begin in earnest. Reports are coming in that the first wave of action figures are starting to show up - though I am still impatiently waiting for my Ultimate Superman 12" that plays the Superman theme to arrive.

Most of us have gotten a look already at some of what's coming as part of the Year of Superman celebration. I thought it would be really interesting to give readers an opportunity to chime in with their list of must-buy items from toys to action figures to fruit snacks and DVDs. Since I'm the one asking, I thought I would offer up my list of what I feel I have got to own Superman-wise from now through the end of the Year that Superman Returns.

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Action Figures & Toys. Personally I feel I got burned by DC Direct - not intentionally. But at a time in my life that I still practiced law full time, I certainly had more disposable income. I made a habit of buying everything that came from DC Direct - except most of the Vertigo and Wildstorm characters. Who knew back when DC Direct began that they would produce a line so extensive that only the Earth-2 Donald Trump could keep up? Or that it would get to a point that the action figures needed one room, the comic book collection needed another room, and that I'd spend so little time actually enjoying my collections.

Several years ago, I sold off almost all my action figures and virtually my entire comic book collection. It was initially unfathomable, but ultimately so liberating and put me back in touch with the pure enjoyment of being a comic book geek that I had down so well as a kid - before acid-free backing boards came into my life. So now I only buy the things I really want and actually will enjoy.

Ultimate Powers The kid in me immediately gravitated to the 12" Ultimate Superman coming from Mattel. It's officially the first toy I've ordered and what got me is that it supposedly plays the John Williams theme. It's got about a dozen or so Superman phrases and heat vision too but nothing breaks up the monotony of the day like a toy that comes with its own score - especially THAT score.

For the same reason - that kid inside - I suspect an action figure that comes with parts of the Fortress or one of those Kryptonian crystals will be mine before the Toys-R-Us clerk can get out the "Great" in "Great Scott". A Kryptonian crystal is exactly the type of toy I wished existed in 1978.

Superman Returns 13inch Deluxe Figure Though a step up from being an action figure, there's going to be a 13" Deluxe Superman Returns Doll that has the movie Superman's face and costume, but looks to have the comic book Superman's impossible physique. This looks to be a gorgeous display piece and a nice change from a porcelain statue with its realistic cloth costume.

Music. The original music from the film series is such a huge part of my enjoyment of the film and is probably one of the tunes I most closely associate with my teen years. No other melody of six notes is as recognizable to me or takes me to a place inside myself so clearly as the first six notes of the Williams theme. So to me the original score to the new movie is a must-have.

Apparel. As I'm writing this, I'm wearing my Krypto the Superdog T-Shirt. Well, one of my three different Krypto shirts. I have the classic logo on a classic royal blue T, I have the same exact thing with a backwards Bizarro "S", I have an orange T with a blue "S", I have a black T with the "S" colored with a background of red, white, and blue stars and stripes. That names just a few of the shirts comprising my diverse wardrobe. I surely plan to add at least one or two "Superman Returns" shirts - at least the new "S" and probably one of Brandon.

Lois & Clark Season 3 DVDs. This is where I intend to go hog-wild. I may go bankrupt on June 20th, the day we here at the site are calling "Superman Day" because I am planning to buy everything that's released that day: Superman: The Animated Series, Volume Three; Justice League - Season Two; Lois & Clark: Complete Third Season; Adventures of Superman: Complete Third & Fourth Seasons; Adventures of Superboy: Complete First Season; Superman - Brainiac Attacks; Krypto the Superdog - Vol. 1: Cosmic Canine; and Look Up: The Amazing Story of Superman. Then before the end of the year, I'm definitely in for the 14-disc Ultimate Collection, at least one or two different versions of Superman Returns that will surely end up released on DVD, and the planned new DVD version of 1984's Supergirl.

Disaster Averted Statue Statues. Should I win the lottery this year, I will without a doubt own that WETA statue of Superman landing the plane. No other image that I've seen related to the movie has made me more excited for the premiere than the pictures I've seen of that statue -- and the WETA statue of Superman and Lois flying over the Daily Planet logo. To me, Superman is about high adventure and high drama. If these statues are indicative of what the film is going to look and feel like, then they've captured the essence of Superman.

Absent winning the lottery or getting a gift from Warner Brothers - both of which are equally unlikely - I'm most likely to go for the bust of Clark Kent mid-transformation into Superman. I like the action pose and the relatively low price tag.

Books. If you go to Amazon.com and enter "Superman Returns", you'll get some idea of the number of books for children and adults that are being released in conjunction with the movie. The books that interest me the most - and will only continue to interest me should I enjoy the film - are the novelization by Marv Wolfman, the Art of Superman Returns, and the Official Movie Guide.

Comic Books. Really? They have comic books about Superman? There are four prequels planned that fill in what Lois, Ma Kent, and Lex have all been up to while Superman's been away. And an actual comic book movie adaptation. These will all look great alongside my adaptations of Superman III, Superman IV, and Supergirl.

OK, it's your turn now - what items are on your Must-Have Super-List? We at the Superman Homepage want to know what items you've seen as part of the movie marketing that you plan to include in your own personal Fortress of Solitude by year's end. Enter your Wish List into the comments section below. The comments section typically stays attached to an article on the website for 30 days - all of the wish lists, however, will be saved along with the article so you can discretely point your loved ones to your list come holiday-time. And let's face it - in 2006, if you're a Superman fan, every day's a holiday.

NOTE: If you're not sure what movie merchandise is available or soon to be available, check out our "Superman Returns Merchandise" page.


manoftomorrow on April 18, 2006 1:19am EST
Just picked up my 30" Superman Returns figure today from Wal-Mart! $39.92 in Canada, though - but a very nice piece overall.
Superlycan on April 18, 2006 1:28am EST
Of coarse I am looking forward to DVD's Superman box set (with Donner's version of Superman 2.) Supergirl, and eventually Superman Returns when it finally is released in DVD form, and even Superboy. Also I'd like (most likely won't get) some of the action figures. I don't remember reading if it was made or not, But I went to Walmart Sat night. Easter rush. I saw the 5-6" Clark Kent to Superman figure. Now I wish I had baught it that night.
Daniel McIntosh on April 18, 2006 2:08am EST
For me I think I will be completely broke.
-Alex ross cover statue released in Oct
-the Daily planet and disaster averted statues from Weta
-A superman returns t-shirt
-the comics naturally
-Art of Superman returns, movie guide and visual guide books(HC)
-Lois and Clark DVD
-Superboy DVD
-Smallville S5 DVD
-Superman returns Cards including Specials
-Soundtrack to the movie
-A key ring or two
-(?) remote control Superman
-14 disk DVD set
-Then I will trawsl the web for perhaps props from the movie if they are available

I will be doing this smiley all the way to the bank I think.
CinemaGuy1 on April 18, 2006 2:21am EST
Movie Theater tickets!!! Can't believe that hasn't been mention yet!!! Lois and Clark DVD, Superboy DVD, even though I have had that show on DVD for years (don't tell), Smallville Season 5, 14 Disc Collector's Edition (eventually when I can afford it), The comics for sure (cheap by comparison now), A few figures, The Official Movie Guide, Justice League DVDs (again eventually) SR DVD (biggest edition they release), that's about it for me. Hopefully a statue for Christmas, but we'll see. I'm becoming much more of a person who buy only what he really wants, as opposed to wanting everything like I used to and could afford to. I'm sure we have all bought some things just to have like the Supergirl DVD for example or calendars or something, but I'm sticking with the stuff I can really enjoy from now on. At least until I can afford otherwise.
CinemaGuy1 on April 18, 2006 2:26am EST
I applaud Barry on his letting go of the things he didn't enjoy. Though I will never do the same, hopefully. I respect you went through that. A lot of my friends have gone through the same thing, mostly due to getting married and and having kids, but selfish as it sounds, I really want to hang on to my collection. I know though that when I'm at my point of my life, it won't seem so important, but thankfully I am not there yet and can let the good times roll with my collection. smiley
the_big_al on April 18, 2006 2:34am EST
Here is the list although short that I think I will end up buying...

the 12 inch Superman from Walmart
Superman Returns Soundtrack
Superman Returns DVD
a Superman Returns T-shirt
a Superman Returns keychain
and probably a hat.

It's short but simple and I hate clutter.... for some who collect everything Superman that's cool. I would like to be able to. But my budget and commen sense must prevail.

I might also end up with a few of the Superman DVD's depending on what my budget and my wife allows, but I may or may not end up with all the Lois and Clark series, or the Justice League and everything else. If I do cool... if not, I'll borrow from someone who does, watch and return. But for the most part like I said before, I prefer to keep it simple.
Captain_Cook on April 18, 2006 3:23am EST
I just got a new job (woo-hoo!), and although I'm saving about 80% of all earnings to goto to film school later this year, I plan to use a bit of the dough to buy the Ultimate Superman DVD Collection, and also the rest of the DC Animated DVDs I don't already own. Besides food and the weekly comics pull, that is my budget for the rest of 2006!smiley
BlackKryptonite on April 18, 2006 3:37am EST
I am going to need a job this year.... wow...
Jor-ElKal-El on April 18, 2006 4:46am EST
I want the Donner version of Superman II, as for SR I want it on DVD, and I'd love to own the Weta staue, Disaster Averted! smiley
Super Patriot on April 18, 2006 5:49am EST
Where to begin....
-At least one action figure
-Superman Returns for XBOX 360 and PSP
-Superman: Brainiac Attacks
-Justice League Season 2
-Superman Animated Season 3
-Clark to Superman Bust
-Jim Lee Superman Mini-statue
-Superman Returns Visual Guide
-Superman Returns Official Movie Guide
-Superman returns prequel Comics
-14 Disc DVD Set

...and hopefully more. I may need a few more jobs....
Super Patriot on April 18, 2006 5:50am EST
...and the soundtrack in addition to a shirt
Super Patriot on April 18, 2006 7:41am EST
...and Monopoly and Uno...ok, I'm done now. I'm definitely crazy for spending this much money.smiley
TheUltimateMan on April 18, 2006 7:43am EST
I already bought the 'Superman to Clark Kent' figure from Wal-Mart (in Chicago, $6.99!).

-Superman 14 disc set (especially can't wait for Donner's S2, and all the extras to S4!!!)
-The DC Superheroes Wave 2 figures- Definitely getting Superman and Bizarro, possibly Supergirl and Doomsday too.
-Superman Returns: The videogame for xbox (depending on if there are any MAJOR differences, I may buy an xbox360)
-Superboy Season 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Movie Tickets for opening midnight showing, then IMAX experience that weekend.
-Superman: Brainiac Attacks looks interesting
-The Superman Returns prequel comic tie ins, along with all my regular monthly Superman comics.
-I'm sure I'll be eating a Superman popsicle sometime this summer.
-There's also a Superman track jacket at Hot Tropic I've had my eye on...

That's about it. I think I'm pretty simple to please without breaking my bank account.

I have a wish list of items NOT coming out too:

-1988 Ruby Spears Superman Cartoon on DVD (why is this NOT coming out?? Especially since it's continuity ties into the first Reeve movies?) If anyone here hasn't seen it, I'd gladly make copies of my bootlegged average quality DVDs for you.
-Seasons 2, 3, 4 of SUPERBOY. Only Season one is a sure thing as of right now, even though the show only got better with age. EVERYONE should buy season one, if for nothing else, to show that there is a demand for more seasons...

Y'know, when you actually write it all down, you realize, that's a whole lot of stuff to buy... <sigh>

jym-el on April 18, 2006 8:05am EST
does anybody know a good bankruptcy lawyer in Canada? lol!!!

oh man... so many items so few dollars...

my main wish-list include:
IMAX movie tickets (of course)
30" figure
kryptonite crystal with glow-stick
a couple of 7" action figures
a couple of 5.5" action figures
12" ultimate superman figure
Weta 'disaster averted' statue
coffee mugs
14-disc DVD set
SR-the videogame
prequel comics

i wish i heeded my mom's advice to save a dollar of my daily allowance when i was a kid... lol!!
Clark_Kent29 on April 18, 2006 8:38am EST
Smallville Season 5, the Look Up documentary dvd and The Ultimate collection dvd + Supergirl special edition. Maybe Superman Returns if I like the movie.
Clark_Kent29 on April 18, 2006 8:39am EST
I forgot Superboy season one...
Daniel McIntosh on April 18, 2006 8:52am EST
As everyone posts I relize the things I forgot. Geese There goes the idea of kicking one of my part time jobs.
Noah Runzo on April 18, 2006 9:16am EST
IMAX tickets, regular theater tickets, t-shirt, video game, the comics, maybe an action figure or two. See whwat else I can whip up..
Tom-EL on April 18, 2006 9:34am EST
I received a $25 gift certificate at Suncoast for Christmas '05. I've been saving it untill the SR merchandiise comes out. I also am hoping to see SR Happy Meal/Kid's Meal fast food toys. The Superman 2 Donner version and Superboy season 1 dvd's are on my want list.
approuty on April 18, 2006 9:39am EST
My wanted list:

Superman Returns The videogame
Superman returns prequel Comics
Superman: The Animated Series volume 3
Tickets for the movie of course! smiley

Not sure-
Maybe some superman cothings, or a Superman gameboard or UNO cards etc.
shazamtd on April 18, 2006 10:09am EST
I MUST have the score by John Ottman and the DVD when it comes out. I would also like to have a set of the trading cards.smiley
supertim68 on April 18, 2006 10:15am EST
I am looking forward to it all as I am an avid Superman Collector! I really am impressed with the comic book version Superman stuff that is coming out ...Fruit Snacks, Popsicles, Fishing Poles, skateboards,six flags items, the new wall borders and the huge murals. I am most excited about the 1/4 Superman Statue coming out in October and also the WETA Statues because they are Huge!!!
and lets not forget a little film called Superman Returns!
sum1else on April 18, 2006 10:20am EST
Got the WETA Disaster Averted statue already (Per-order item on ebay). Hint: the place to go if you want one of these WETA statues at an affordable price. Want to get some bust statues too. Haven't decide which ones yet.
superman785 on April 18, 2006 10:35am EST
My list

I found the regular action figures the other day at the local military exchange. I got the superbreath one, wall smashing superman, kryptonite smashing, xray, and clark to superman ones all at once. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I have also pre-ordered superman monopoly and the new novel and just recently bought an xbox 360 just to play the new game with outstanding graphics. I am always on the lookout for new stuff though and dont even get me started on the dvds. I MUST HAVE ALL
AlexMax on April 18, 2006 10:57am EST
So far, I'm getting Superman TAS Vol. 3, Justice League Season 2, and Superman: Brainiac Attacks.smiley
JTSkywalker on April 18, 2006 11:13am EST
All I'm getting are the regular monthly issues of Action Comics and Superman, the second season of Justice League, and the third Superman: The Animated Series DVD.

Pravus on April 18, 2006 11:54am EST
Aside from the monthly Superman titles I get regularly I will be picking up the Alex Ross Superman Forever Cover Statue and the Justice League and Animated Superman dvds (including Brainiac Attacks). As far as "Superman Returns" merchandise I doubt I will get anything other than the offical soundtrack to the movie.
approuty on April 18, 2006 2:06pm EST
I forgot to include Superman: Brainiac Attacks on my "must buy" list.
Dennis Maloney on April 18, 2006 3:52pm EST
I will definitely be getting the following:
Adventures of Superman Seasons 3 & 4(and 5 &6 when they come out)
Lois & Clark Season 3
Superboy Season 1
The Look Up In The Sky documentary
The Superman Returns score
The 14 disc set-which should have SR if I heard correctly
Smallville Season 5
Possibly Supergirl if it's different from the Anchor Bay 2 disc set.
cinemastorm on April 18, 2006 4:33pm EST
Ultimate 14 Disc Superman set (provided it has the Superman Returns Special Edition that will inevitably be released)
Flight Force Superman
Superman Returns: The Video Game
Solar Force Superman
Ultimate Powers Superman
Superman Returns: The Shooting Script (my favorite of the bunch)
Superman Returns: The Novel
The Prequel Comics
aaron-L on April 18, 2006 6:30pm EST
i'm an action figure guy, last year we got up early on saturday and went straight to wal-mart to get the first anikin and obi-wan figures. the kids and i have a blast.

so far i only have the superman figure where he breaks the kryptonite, it is cool that mattel is making the figures all actually LOOK like superman ( unlike some of the stupid variants from earlier lines) - though it will get redundant if they don't expand the line to dip into the mythos with other relavant looks and characters under the "returns" logo. ( aside: when kenner released "batman returns" figures they added a robin even though he was not in the movie...hint..hint..)

we ahve been geeking out at breakfast with our cap'n crunch and life cereal tie-ins.

other than the movie- i am most anxious for the 14-dvd set. doneer's sup2. brando in sup2 . the holy grail.
aaron-L on April 18, 2006 6:32pm EST
oh i forgot- i WILL buy the score on cd.
sbeamish on April 18, 2006 9:27pm EST
I plan to pick up the prequel comics, the comic adaptation, the novelization, the Art of Superman Returns book and the soundtrack cd.

I imagine I'll also be getting many of the Superman related DVDs which are being released to coincide with the movie:
Superman: Brainiac Attacks
Superboy Season One
The Adventures of Superman Seasons Three and Four
Lois and Clark Season Three (Holy smoke! I haven't picked up Season Two yet! Thank goodness my birthday's in July.)

I also imagine I'll be picking up a slew of magazines with BR covers. They'll doubtlessly wind up stacked next to my Chris Reeve mags.
tim7399 on April 18, 2006 9:49pm EST
Well, I've already ordered a couple action figures, I'll probably end up buying a few more of them over the next few months.

My wish list:
Superman Returns: the video game
Look up in the Sky documentary
Smallville Season 5
Lois and Clark season 3
14 disc superman set
DarthKent on April 19, 2006 12:44am EST
Hi,I'm new. Okay my HUGE wish list...

Superman Returns Playstation 2 Game
Superman Returns Novel on Cassette
Superman Returns Prequels Graphic Novel
Superman Returns:The Movie Adaptation
Clark To Superman-Figure

Look up in the Sky:Amazing Story of Superman
Superman:Animated Series:Volume 3
Superman:Brainiac Attacks
Justice League:Season 2
Justice League:Unlimited:Season 1(JL S3)
Adventures of Superman:Seasons 3&4
Adventures of Superman:Seasons 5&6
Lois & Clark:Season 3
Lois & Clark:Season 4
Adventures of Superboy:Season 1
Smallville:Season 5
Krypto The Superdog:Volume 1
Krypto The Superdog:Volume 2
Supergirl:Special Edition
Superman:Ultimate Movie 14-Disc Collection

Superman Returns Movie Tickets(Prob be seeing a few times in theaters)
Superman Returns Imax Tickets

Superman 28th Anniversary Celebration and whatever I buy there.

I'm gonna be BROKEsmiley

jym-el on April 19, 2006 9:15am EST
after going to 4 different wal-mart stores i finally got hold of the 30" Superman Returns figure.

the figure is highly detailed. it has the small diamonds on the suit and trunks, the small \S/ pentagons on the shield, and a mock-zipper on the side of the boots.

my only complain is that they should have used a leathery material for the cape.

considering it is a wal-mart product, my over-all rating for this figure is cool.
Scotty V on April 19, 2006 11:30am EST
Ha ha ha ha ha !! There's just SO much!!

Well, here's my insane, impossible list:

Superman Returns Logo T-Shirt
Superman Returns Double sided poster
Superman Returns Remote Controlled Flying Figure (just think this might be fun)
Superman Returns Select Sculpt Series Metropolis Rising Superman
Superman Returns 30 inch Action Figure
Superman Returns Real Action Heroes 12 inch Figure
Art of Superman Returns Hardcover
Superman Returns Novelization
Superman Returns Official Movie Guide
Superman Returns Comic Adaptation and 4 Prequel Comics

All Superman Returns Statues, except The Returning Son, are on my list because I think they're great but haha, I don't see how I could get them.

Superman Returns Calender
Superman Returns Videogame (I own a PS2 but will buy an XBox 360 if there's a reason to, I'm told the game won't be any different)

Lois & Clark Season 3 and 4
SAS Volume 3
Superboy Season 1
Adventures of Superman Season 2 and 3
Superman Brainiac Attacks
Justice League Volume 1 and 2

and finally...

The Ultimate Superman 14 disc set, though I'm not sure what it will encompass, I surely don't want to buy III and IV again, but I probably will get it. If not, surely the best special edition set of SR, assuming I enjoy it and it's starting to seem like I will.

Ugh that's alot.

By the way TheUltimateMan, is that Ruby Spears cartoon the one that had the John Williams theme? If so, I thought that was great. They used to sell the bootleg at the comic store in NYC but they were forced to pull it due to the licensing issues with the new movie. I'd love to have it if you were serious. It was only on for part of one season though, right? That might be why it hasn't been talked about for release yet.
KaL - El kLaRc on April 19, 2006 11:41am EST
for me my list will be:

13" Deluxe Superman Returns Collector Figure by DC Direct

13" Deluxe Lex Luthor Collector Figure by DC Direct(in his purple and green costume)

Superman Returns the Game for PS2 or PS3

Season 1 of Superboy the series on dvd(if it comes to australia)

Superman Returns the Movie when it comes out on dvd

Supergirl The Movie when it comes out on dvd

i'll try to get Lois and Clark SS1 and SS2 on dvd

i will also be looking at getting the RAH 12" Superman Returns figure

possibly the soundtracks to the new film

and a couple of shirts

that is quite alot for my limited amount of money but i am hoping to order the first two items on my list in three weeks
Psyche on April 19, 2006 3:24pm EST
Oooo! I want that cloth Superman doll, er, I mean "action figure..." (As I desperately try to seem more manly than I really am.)
Planet-man on April 20, 2006 12:32am EST
- At least on of the regular figures

- The Video Game

- Superman: TAS Volume 3 ond Dvd

- Justice League Volume 2 on Dvd

- Possibly the soundtrack

My dad is getting "Lois and Clark" Season 3 and Seasons 3 and 4 of George Reeve's "Advetures of Superman" show on Dvd as well.

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