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Toyota Yaris Superman Car

October 11, 2006: Toyota Yaris Superman Limited Edition Car

Here's an announcement we missed back in mid-July...

Toyota-Astro in Indonesia has released a limited edition of its Yaris hatchback using the Man of Steel, Superman, as its theme in cooperation with Warner Brothers, in conjunction with the movie "Superman Returns".

The Yaris limited edition is based on Yaris 1.5 E with its manual transmission colored in blue, the color of Superman's suit, and is offered at Rp 158.5 million while the "ordinary" variant is valued at Rp 149.1 million.

The Superman theme is very strong in the exterior with the famous "S" logo placed on the engine hood and Superman character stickers and body stripes on both sides. On the rear door, the Superman logo is placed next to Yaris emblem.

In the interior, the logos are placed in easily spotted and frequently touched places. You can find then in the seats, shift sticks and parking brake handle. The logo is also present in the floor mat and tissue box.

Toyota Yaris Superman Car Toyota Yaris Superman Car Toyota Yaris Superman Car

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