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August 10, 2006: Thousands of Fake Superman T-Shirts Seized

According to the Manila Times, two Manila garment distributors in the Philippines were charged today with violating the Intellectual Property Code after National Bureau Investigation agents discovered they were selling fake Warner Brothers and DC Comics character T-shirts.

According to the lawyer Jose Justo S. Yap, NBI intellectual property rights division chief, the NBI received complaints from the Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and DC Comics about the proliferation of fake T-shirts bearing their trademark characters and logos.

A total of 1,818 fake shirts with Warner Bros. figures and 251 knockoffs with DC Comics characters were found at the Bluechiq Fashion house. A total of 8,029 fake shirts with Warner Bros. Characters and 3,650 fake shirts with DC Comics characters were found in the possession of Goldwin Enterprises.

Special Investigator IV Carlos N. Borromeo 3rd said the contraband was worth P4.2 million (US$82,000).

Armed with a warrant issued by Judge Reynaldo Ros of Branch 33 of the Manila Regional Trial Court, NBI agents raided several stalls belonging to the Bluechiq Fasion Haus and an office/warehouse owned by Goldwin Enterprises.

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