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Superman Tattoo Watch

January 11, 2006: Fossil Superman Tattoo Watch Review

Late last year Fossil released the newest of their long line of Superman watches. Ron Zaguli takes a closer look at the Fossil "Superman Tattoo" watch...

Well, you're dressed in your favorite Superman T-shirt and ready to attend the first showing of Superman Returns. You don't want to be a minute late for the greatest thing to happen in the Superman world in years so you reach for your Superman watch collection. The big question is - Will the new Fossil Superman Tattoo watch be there?? The short answer is maybe. Let's start at the beginning.

In typical Fossil fashion, this new limited edition (3000 pieces) watch comes in a beautifully decorated cardboard box printed with the multi-color (red, blue and black) image of the Man of Steel in all his glory on the top and "Superman" printed along the sides with the shield at the end. The interesting twist is that the images are offset in a "funky" way reminiscent of black light posters of the 60's and 70's. I'm not sure it will appeal to everyone - it was a risky design if you ask me. Inside the box is the usual tin container filled with foam which as always protects the precious contents well. The design here is a repeat of the box print but I think it actually works better on the tin. Now for the payoff:

This watch features Pelikon technology. Just in case you aren't familiar with this - a short explanation. Fossil teamed up last year with Pelikon, an industry leader in flexible display technology to produce a line of watches that incorporate complex segmented electroluminescent (SEL) display technology. Press the button at the 2:00 position and the entire face lights up with the background switching from green to yellow to red and back in about 15 seconds. The illumination is more than sufficient to read the time in a dark theater without upsetting everyone around you. In between the numbers around the face of the watch are red dots to mark the seconds - a really attractive touch. A silver ring with cut out edging surrounds the face - it works well and really completes the design. The movement at the watch's heart is a three-hand quartz. A black leather strap with a silver clasp printed with the word SUPERMAN finishes it all off.

So, the bottom line on the new Tattoo watch is this. It's beautifully made - better than some pieces in recent memory. The Pelikon technology is very, very cool. The only question that remains is - will the funky look appeal to the routine Superman collector? Only time will tell, but I'm wearing mine while writing this review. Until next time.

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