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Man from Krypton

May 12, 2006: The Man from Krypton Returns!

BenBella Books' latest anthology explores the legendary Man of Steel


Boys want to grow up to be him and girls adore him. He's the ultimate superhero, the ultimate man and the ultimate American icon. He's as representative of America as baseball and apple pie and he has entered the lives of millions for more than six decades through comic books, the small screen and feature films. Yet, there is much about Superman that has never been examined.

Until now.

In THE MAN FROM KRYPTON, leading writers discuss, debate and celebrate the legend of Superman. Is Superman too violent? Is Lex Luthor the world's greatest villain? What has The WB done for the Superman property? And is Superman even human? All these questions and more are answered in this in-depth look at all things related to the Man of Steel.

Funny, philosophical, insightful and personal, THE MAN FROM KRYPTON explores every aspect of the Superman legend and is perfect for fans, young and old, of America's greatest superhero.

Topics Include:

  • Lawrence Watt-Evans explores Superman's many issues, ranging from cleanliness to loneliness.

  • He's the Man of Steel, but just why can't Superman find a girlfriend? Larry Niven suggests some theories on Superman's constant trouble with women.

  • There have been many men to tackle the role of Superman over the years, but who was the best one? Keith R.A. Candido offers his opinion.

  • Lou Anders compares the Man of Steel to the Caped Crusader. What does Superman have in common with Batman and why has their relationship been strained over the years?

  • What could Superman be without the nagging presence of his alter-ego, Clark Kent? John G. Hemry explains.

  • Is it possible for Clark and Lois to live happily ever after? Or will a happy ending kill the adventure? Evelyn Vaughn finally gives an answer.

  • Peter B. Lloyd shows how Superman has morally evolved in a constantly changing world.

CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE: Lou Anders, Bob Batchelor, Adam-Troy Castro, Keith R.A. Candido, Larry Dixon, Steven Harper, John G. Hemry, David Hopkins, Paul Levinson, Peter B. Lloyd, Paul Lytle, Joseph McCabe, Larry Niven, Gustav Peebles, Chris Roberson, Evelyn Vaughn, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Sarah Zettel.


Editor: Glenn Yeffeth
ISBN: 1-932100-77-6
Pub. Month: May 2006
Retail: $17.95 (US)/$24.95 (CAN)
Publisher: BenBella Books
Cover: Trade Paperback

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