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Superman water

June 20, 2006: Superman Bottled Water

Kids Only, LLC will launch Kids Only Bottled Water with today's hottest entertainment licenses like Superman, Bratz and Spiderman, among others. Kids Only Bottled Water makes drinking water fun and helps kids develop the healthy habit of drinking more water.

For the average kid, the thought of drinking eight glasses of water a day is far from routine. But, kids who play sports and are on the go 24/7 need hydration. And, hydrating an active kid can present a problem for parents. Until now.

Kids Only, LLC, a leading manufacturer of children's products, takes on the challenge with the introduction of Kids Only™ Bottled Water - the first bottled water designed specifically for 'kids only'! Now, kids can get the hydration they need in a fun way - by drinking water that comes in collectible bottles that are adorned with their favorite characters!

Kids Only Bottled Water has partnered with today's hottest licenses to make drinking water fun. With popular characters like Scooby-Doo, Bratz, Superman and Spiderman, among others featured on the Kids Only water bottles, children can still have a fun experience and enjoy their beverage, while making that healthy choice to drink water.

Starting in August, Kids Only Bottled Water will be available at major retailers across the country with Marvel Heroes, Spiderman, DC Comics' Batman and Superman, Scooby-Doo and Bratz. Kids will want to collect them all!

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