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August 19, 2010: WGTD 91.1 Players Adapt Superman and Batman

The Journal Times reports today that local Radio Theater's 91.1 Players are planning on doing "Superman" and "Batman" programs, if you're a local to Kenosha, Wisconsin.

This story, which covers the event, tells more about the nature of the performance:

    WGTD Radio Theater's co-executive producers, Steve Brown and Mike Ullstrup, wrote the pair of new radio plays with the style and sound of the television series, based on the DC Comics books of the same name.

    "I can't imagine a TV show that better illustrates the fantasy world of the super hero than 'Superman,' which premiered back in 1952 and ended in 1958," said Brown. "It didn't use lots of high level special effects. Rather, it relied on well-crafted storylines. George Reeves starred as 'Superman,' and built the whole 'franchise' all over again, after it had been highly successful on the radio back in the 1940s. Maybe the scripts were not very sophisticated, but I remember watching the show and loved the stories and how they really dragged me into the program."

    Ullstrup said "Batman" was one of those classic TV shows that was "so 'campy' that it was funny, it totally captivated the TV viewing audience."

    "The music, the 'pows,' 'bams,' and 'zonks,' were all part of what made Batman and Robin come alive - almost jumping out of the TV set," said Ullstrup.

    The two productions will be directed by the veteran 91.1 Players member Vittoria DuMez, who will also be an actress in the shows.

If anyone who visits the site goes to see the show, the Superman Homepage would love to have a write-up!

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