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Man of Steel

March 26, 2010: Ralph Cosentino's Story of the Man of Steel

DC Universe: The Source has a couple of pages of art from April's "Superman: The Story of the Man of Steel" by writer/artist Ralph Cosentino.

    First up we have SUPERMAN: THE STORY OF THE MAN OF STEEL, by New York Times-bestselling writer/artist Ralph Cosentino. Ralph, as some of you may know, wrote and drew BATMAN: THE STORY OF THE DARK KNIGHT, which hit last year. His simple yet dynamic style brings a fun, playful energy to the characters without losing their iconic nature. His books are both fun for adults and kids. Don't believe me? Well, our friends at Viking were kind enough to allow us to debut a few pages from THE STORY OF THE MAN OF STEEL, hitting next month.

Check out the Superman and Metallo images from DC's The Source.

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