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July 21, 2010: Details on "DC Universe Online" Pre-Order and Beta

DCUO Teaster Massively.com has conducted an interview with Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley to discuss the details of the beta registration and pre-order bonuses being offered by the company ahead of the November launch of its MMO RPG "DC Universe Online".

    Do you have an idea of how the beta is going to work? Will you let everyone in or will they come in phases?

    We'll do it in phases, but the game is pretty far along. There will be some initial stuff, just to test some things related to networking and making sure that outsiders can get in. We have a pretty secure network so we can play internally, so we'll open it up to folks outside the network and let in a few phases. We'll gradually let in more every day, up to whatever number -- we haven't actually decided how many we're going to let in total. It's going to be a pretty good-sized number. People are signing up like crazy right now, so once we get a few good days worth of data we'll have a better idea of how many people we're going to let in.

You can read the complete interview at Massively.com.

Meanwhile, the official DCUO Facebook page revealed a teaser image (shown above right) for a Spike TV & GT TV special set to air on July 23 at 12:30am PT.

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