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Superman Celebration

June 11, 2010: Superman Celebration - Day 2 Early Report

Day Two: The Early Hours by Adam Dechanel

Me being the morning person I dashed around Metropolis to take some snaps while it was deserted but I'd forgotten about the signing ticket line and wow was it long! The tickets were released at 7am and I had arrived at 5am so that gives you scope on how big a deal this really is.

I stood in line with folk that had been coming for many years. They talked a lot about guests past and favorite episodes of Lois & Clark and Smallville. The fact that David 'Darth Vader' Prowse had trained up Christopher Reeve and their love/hate relationship with Hollywoodland. I chuckled when there was a ripple through the crowd that Ben Affleck couldn't even be Daredevil.

Our very own Homepage even got name checked a couple of times so it was nice to get feedback in my secret 'identity.' It was nice to share the buzz and anticipation in the queue and this is a couple of hours before many folk will even be waking up and it's a good few hours before events start at 10am but I wanted to keep you all informed!

See you at 4.30 this afternoon maybe? (After I've tanked up on coffee and candy).

For everyone that arrives for the Meet and Greet, if they sign our guestbook and submit an email - as soon as Adam gets back to the UK he'll be emailing out a special 32nd Superman Celebration illustration. So make sure you get over there pronto and don't miss out on this exclusive!


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