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Adventures of Superman

May 6, 2010: BBC Audio Drama "Superman on Trial" Available on CD

Superman on Trial was broadcast by the BBC on the 1st September 1988, in an original adventure in which Superman was put on trial by the Guardians of the Galaxy for interfering in the destiny of humankind. It was notable for the odd revelation to the world that Superman had been brought up as Clark Kent's brother (a lie brought about by certain disclosures during the trial), and had documentary inserts featuring interviews with famous writers and artists from Superman's history.

The BBC Radio full-cast drama features Adam West, Jenette Kahn (President, DC Comics) and Dave Gibbons (Co-creator, "Watchmen"). The main cast includes Stuart Milligan as Superman, Shelley Thompson as Lois Lane, William Hootkins as Lex Luthor and Bob Sessions as The Batman. Written to celebrate Superman's 50th birthday. Accused of crimes against humanity, the Last Son of Krypton stands powerless before a court dominated by Lex Luthor - criminal genius turned Prosecutor. Has Superman really corrupted our children? Can he justify his continued interference in world affairs? Do we know the truth about his powers? Can Lois Lane defend '50 years of the Man of Steel'?

The program runs for 45 minutes (approx).

Scheduled for release on June 3rd, you can pre-order "Superman on Trial" from Amazon.com.

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