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February 15, 2010: New Superman Toys and Action Figures Coming Soon

The latest issue of "Toyfare" magazine (issue #152) celebrates 75 years of DC Comics with a few key announcements. Mattel celebrates DC's Diamond Jubilee with the world premiere of DC Unvierse Classics Wave 14. While DC Direct brings us the first wave of "World of New Krypton" action figures, which will include Commander El, Mon-El, Superwoman and Brainiac.

Toy Fair 2010 took place this past weekend in New York, and there were a few interesting Superman related items amongst those on display, including a Gary Frank inspired Brainiac JLU action figure and Plush Justice League toys from Funco.

Brainiac Plush JLA

UPDATE: You can see images of the "World of New Krypton" action figures at CoolToyReview.com.

Thanks to Darren Nelson for the link to the WoNK images.

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