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February 5, 2010: Super Man Saves Girl

Here's a good news story from MSNBC.com about a real-life Superman...

    Man's Feat of Strength Saves Girl

    'I don't know how I did it,' says 'Superman'

    It was lucky for a 6-year-old girl that Nick Harris didn't know his own strength.

    And now Harris is being called Superman after managing to lift a car off the girl, according to Kansas City, Kansas, television station KCTV.

    Harris was dropping off his daughter at Eugene Field Elementary in Ottawa, Kansas, when he saw a car back out of a driveway and pin the girl under a tire. That girl turned out to be his daughter's best friend.

    "I just ran over there, I looked, I seen the tire on her, and I lifted the car up to get her out from underneath the car," Harris told KCTV, adding that it was sheer instinct that led him to save the girl. "I don't know how I did it. I've tried (to lift a car) three or four times since then."

Read the complete story at the MSNBC website.

Thanks to Joe Valentin, MacGyver, Juan Ricardo Lopez, and Butch Moore, who all emailed in letting me know about this story.

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