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Superman Celebration

June 11, 2010: Superman Celebration - Day 1 Brief Report

A First Day Glimpse by Adam Dechanel

Nothing quite prepares you for Metropolis. You think you know what to expect, but the reality is very different. This is the first time I'd ever visited and after a non-stop 6 hour plus drive we were very apprehensive as to what we might find.

My friends back home in London had called it a convention - but as soon as you pull in you realize it is so much more. It's more than fandom - it's more than a theme park or convention - it's a community - a wonderfully diverse community that embraced us wholeheartedly as we walked in.

There are several sections to Metropolis and the Superman Celebration that we'll go into more as time goes on like Superman Square, the Smallville Tent, the Metro Tent, the Super Museum, the Chamber of Commerce... there is so much here you are literally overwhelmed with awe and emotion.

The celebrations opened officially on Thursday afternoon with Josh Boultinghouse and friends welcoming one and all during an opening ceremony skit. Following that were some awards, a raucous presentation of gospel music and the chance to take some geeked out photos while mingling with crowds of fans, families and hopefully, soon to be friends.

But I can tell you this... this small town is a home away from home and regardless if you're a fan of the comics, the cartoons, the movies, the TV shows, the toys, games - whatever - you really must visit...


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