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Superman Rescue

January 19, 2010: Mystery Superman Saves Mother in England

A man dressed as Superman came to the rescue of a 26 year old mother in a bar in Wigan, England this week, after she was rendered unconscious by a drug slipped into her drink. Here are a few excerpts from a news report from WiganToday.net...

    The mysterious stranger, dressed as the film and cartoon superhero, came to Elizabeth Caulwell's aid and wrapped her in his fancy dress cape, when she collapsed on a night out in Wigan town centre.

    "Apparently 'Superman,' of all people, helped me on to a couch and the DJ tried to give me water. I was not coming round so Superman swept me up in his arms and carried me out of the bar.

    "Sarah rang for my dad. An ambulance was called and the man dressed as Superman wrapped his cape round me. It would be nice if I could find out who he was so I could thank him and give him his cape back."

The article, which is calling for anyone who knows the identity of Superman (other than Clark Kent), can be read in full at the Wigan Today website.

UPDATE: The superhero was identified as 23-year-old marketing and PR executive Paul Longmire, from Pepper Lane, Standish, who said, "As far as what happened that night, I didn't do anything heroic. I was just trying to help someone in difficulty."

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