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Superman Cinemaquette

May 17, 2010: George Sohn Talks Chris Reeve Cinemaquette

ChocolateByDeath.com have published an exclusive interview with George Sohn - CEO of Cinemaquette and Toynami, about the forthcoming Cinemaquette Superman. George talks about his love of the character, the movie, and the development of the piece.

    The "S" emblem was sewn on by hand on the actual costume, but it wouldn't have looked right at 1/3 scale. So we opted for a silkscreen of the emblem over the fabric, not only so that it looks close as possible to the film, but so as to achieve the exact correct placement on every uniform. As you can see, there were some slight compromises, but nothing that affects the final product.

Visit the ChocolateByDeath.com website to read the entire interview.

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