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November 30, 2010: Cleveland Maps Superman's Origins

Superman's Cleveland Graphic Designer Matt Kuhns was commissioned to create a Superman map of Cleveland, Ohio showcasing the locations significant to the Man of Steel's creation.

    Most of the significant points on the map are, of course, clustered around downtown, Glenville and University Circle. I debated what to do with the two outliers on the right, Jerry's house in University Heights and the Maltz Museum, but as noted it worked out to include them because I could make use of the resulting "gap" between them and any other points.

You can read Matt's complete article on the design of Superman's Map at EdgeOfSpace.net. You can pick up a free copy of the map at Carol & John's Comic Shop if you live in Cleveland, or you can download the PDF file of the map from EdgeOfSpace.net.

Thanks to Brad Thumudo for the lead on this info.

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