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February 3, 2010: "Last Son" Documentary Screening in San Francisco

The documentary film "Last Son", the story of how Cleveland teens Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster devised Superman, will be screening at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival later this month.
    Last Son tells the tale, uncovering a new source for the very first Superman story (which was rejected for years) and solving the mystery of the lovely Lois Lane. Among the never-before-seen home movies, there's a beautiful bit from the 1941 World's Fair, which included a "Superman Day" with the first actor to play Superman-a high point for the two men who created, but would never own, the Man of Steel.

"Last Son" will screen on Saturday, February 27th at 7:00pm at Sugar Bowl Resort, San Francisco.

For more information on the 2nd Annual San Francisco Independent Film Festival at Sugar Bowl Resort visit www.sugarbowl.com or call (530) 426-6720. For more information on the SF Indie Film Fest in San Francisco this February 4-18, visit www.sfindie.com.

2010 Merchandise & Miscellaneous News

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