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June 22, 2010: Superman Celebration - WGBS News Report from June 11

Here are more WGBS video reports from the 2010 Superman Celebration from Friday, June 11th, the second day of the four day celebration.

In the videos below we have the unveiling ceremony of the Noel Neill "Lois Lane" statue, an exclusive interview with Ilya Salkind, the Superman Homepage "Meet & Greet" and more.

In Part 2 of the Friday reports we have the continuation of the unveiling of the Noel Neill statue, with speeches from Metropolis Mayor, Billy McDaniel and co-chairmen of the Metropolis Committee Karla Ogle.

Part 3 sees Lisa Gower acknowledges the "Lois Lane Award" winners, Mel Bower of the Banterra Bank who donated part of their parking lot for the Noel Neill statue, and Sculptor Gary Earnest Smith speaks about creating the Lois Lane statue.

The 4th part of the Friday video reports sees Kevin from the Bronzing Foundry talk about the statue's creation, and Noel Neill's friend and biographer Larry Ward talk about Noel as a person.

In the final video of the unveiling of the Noel Neill "Lois Lane" statue Clyde Wills introduces Noel Neill herself to take the stand and speak about being honored in this fashion.

Part 6 of the Friday video reports is an exclusive interview with Ilya Salkind.

The 7th and final video report from Friday, June 11th is the Superman Homepage "Meet & Greet", and we also get time with Lex Luthor and Conner Kent.

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