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March 19, 2010: From Behind the Shadow of Superman

Artist, and once newspaper publisher, Phil Yeh claims that Neal Adams and Jerry Robinson began voicing their support for the plight of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in the late 1970s after an article he ran in his free monthly Cobblestone newspaper brought the story to the mainstream media's attention.

    When Yeh called Siegel to arrange for an interview, he learnt that a thousand press releases had been sent out and he was the only one to respond.

    "I could not believe it! I arranged to come to Jerry's apartment in Los Angeles and wrote the story about this tragic injustice for our next monthly issue."

    Helping his cause was the fact that the new Superman film was in the works at the time and because DC Comics was owned by Warner Communications, Yeh knew they would have to respond to these charges.

    So he called New York to get Warner's side of the story. That call led to DC Comics working out a settlement a few weeks later which included, among others, that all comics, TV episodes, films and, later, video games starring Superman must have the credit line "Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster".

You can read the complete article on Phil Yeh at the New Straits Times website.

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