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December 19, 2010: Superman Christmas Tree in Cleveland Airport

As we reported last month, a Christmas Tree decorated with Superman ornaments is on display at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to celebrate the Man of Steel's connection to Cleveland, Ohio.

A "Thank You" luncheon was held this week for people and organizations who donated items for the Airport Holiday Trees. There was a total of 12 trees in 8 different themes throughout the airport. The trees were decorated by students of Washington Park Academy. The students all got certificates for their help.

The "Salute to Superman" tree is in the middle of the food court, with organizers admitting to all at the lunch that it is the most popular tree there.

Anyone traveling through Cleveland for the Holidays should definitely stop by and see it. It is in the food court in Concourse C. The Superman tree is not viewable by anyone who does not have a boarding pass to get through the security gates though, so if you drive there to check it out, you will be turned away.

Thanks to Jamie Reigel, we have a few photos of the Superman Christmas Tree to share with you. All the items and ornaments on the Superman tree were donated by Jamie from SuperCollectibles.com and the Siegel & Shuster Society.

Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Christmas Tree

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