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September 1, 2010: Heroic Ambition DVD Review

Scott Cranford Scott Cranford, the man who was the official town Superman for the Metropolis, Illinois Superman Celebration for seven years, has put together Heroic Ambition, a DVD documentary about the Superman Celebration and his experience playing Superman.

The 55 minute documentary is expertly put together, and includes many great interviews with everyone from the mayor of Metropolis through to the fans that attend the celebration.

    The film was written and directed by Scott Cranford, founder of HeroicAmbition.com and former official "Superman" of Metropolis, Illinois. Using character types found in the world of Superman, Cranford has created a film that gives an entertaining and revealing look behind one of the biggest superhero entertainment events in the country.

Scott Cranford Anyone who has visited or is thinking of visiting Metropolis, Illinois for the annual Superman Celebration will want to buy this DVD. It not only gives you a behind the scenes look at what goes into making the celebration the success that it is, but it also gives you the history of the celebration, how far it's come, and ideas for making it bigger and better in future years.

Throughout the documentary Scott's own personal involvement is heavily examined, from the story behind his selection for the role of Superman, getting married during the celebration, through to his final year as Superman. Scott's personal goals for teaching children what it really means to be a hero are also examined, and his efforts are truly inspiring.

Heroic Ambition is a DVD that should be in every Superman fan's collection.

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