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July 13, 2010: Superman Christopher Dennis Arrested

Superman Arrested Christopher Dennis, well known to Superman fans as the Hollywood Walk of Fame Man of Steel, was arrested on July 8 as he and Batman handed out flyers for a local memorabilia shop.

    Dennis, who has been dressing as the Man of Steel since 1991, said he was not competing with any shops and was simply doing the job he was hired for.

    "There were some tourists who asked for photos, and it would be rude to say no, so I posed and continued to walk," Dennis said.

    Dennis estimated he posed for 30 to 40 photographs right before being arrested. "I would pose for one, and another would come up," he said. "I made no mention of tips, but people were tipping anyway."

    At approximately 3:25 p.m. PT, Dennis said, a police car drove up, and one of the officers ordered them to put the flyers on the car.

    "Then they handcuffed us and took us to jail," Dennis said. "They charged me with loitering, but tell me this: If I'm loitering, aren't all the other tourists?"

You can read the complete report at AOLnews.com.

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