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Smallville: See No Evil

Smallville: See No Evil

Writer: Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld

Published by: Little, Brown, and Company (October 2002)

Reviewed by: Aaron Thall

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Clark manages to get roped by Lana into helping with the school's production of "Cryano", and soon discovers that the leading lady of the play, Dawn, is a primadonna extremis. But when Dawn accidentally discovers the means to become invisible, things take a dangerous turn. Unafraid of consequences, Dawn treats imagined crimes against her as reasons for revenge, and only Clark's quick actions save the leading man from the morgue.

However, Clark winds up with the leading role himself, thanks to his super memory. But with Dawn taking an interest in him, things are going to get very ugly for anyone standing between her and the future Man of Steel...

4Story - 4: This story is primarily hindered by the knowledge that not only had Smallville already done an invisible person story, but that it recently did another one. The way Dawn becomes invisible makes no logical sense, which is commonplace in Smallville to begin with.

Of course, we also have Chloe coming to the ONLY! POSSIBLE! SOLUTION! with absolutely no investigation. Dawn herself is little more than a Snidley Whiplash evil caricature, evil to the core with no redeeming features.

However, despite these problems, this story stands out as wildly clever and entertaining. They actually treat Dawn's invisibility like H.G. Wells did in "The Invisible Man", meaning that she cannot be invisible unless she's naked. It's a logical step and a welcome one. Also, the injury that removes the leading man is perfect... He breaks a leg. Clark continually tries to help Dawn make the right choices and defends her against unnecessary negativism. Clark acting like Superman? In Smallville? Go figure.

But by far, the best thing in this novel is the practice duel between Lex and Clark. It's brilliant. It may well be the single best Clark/Lex scene I've seen relating to Smallville. Lex's impromptu Shakespearian adlibbing brought a smile to my face that lasted for three chapters.

I recommend this novel, simply because that one scene makes the entire story worthwhile by itself.

2Cover Art - 2: Just a closeup of Clark's face, and on the back, the promo shot in the graveyard. Nothing special. At least the cover seems to imply that Clark is staring at the reader.

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