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Superman Returns: Strange Visitor

Superman Returns: Strange Visitor

Writer: Louise Simonson

Published by: Little, Brown, and Company (June 2006)

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Superman's dead skin cells and hair DNA from a recent crime scene are retrieved by a mysterious organization called Cadmus. Anti-Superman devices are being produced should Superman ever turn against humans.

Superman rescues Lois from a department store fire. Lois and Clark try to score points with Perry story hunting.

A scientist at Cadmus has leaked data to the Daily Planet that there is a distress signal coming from outer space... could it really be from Krypton? Lois decides it best to keep this information to herself.

Lois heads to Cadmus to interview the scientist and while she does so a meteor shower thunders down and Superman tries to stop it.

Superman arrives at Cadmus to rescue the staff from stray meteors. He encounters a Dr Vale who decides he'd rather die in wreckage than accept help from a 'monster'

Superman begins to question the public's perception of him and why if TRUTH & JUSTICE are his fundamental rules why he persists being Clark and lying about what he truly is. Also as Clark he is Lois' friend as Superman he is a prospective boyfriend...

Dr Vale survived the meteor storm strike and has become a deadly threat. Cadmus has been rebuilt almost immediately and Lois meets with the scientist. The signal from Krypton is still a mystery... Using DNA & Nanotechnology, Cadmus and Dr Vale have a deadly creation in the works.

Superman is worried that people perceive him as some kind of alien monster, meanwhile Lois is kidnapped by a monster of her own...

Superman to the rescue!

Superman ponders his next move firstly by talking to his Earth mother then his Kryptonian father...

Lois tracks the monster and tricks him into helping her...

Dr Vale's evil plot is revealed.

Superman arrives and trouble escalates!

The monster, Lois and Superman take on Dr Vale with horrific results...

After the past events Clark has no option but to quit the Daily Planet and abandons his friends...

An uncomfortable end between Lois & Superman and an introduction for a beginning...


5Story - 5: OK essentially this is a 'junior' story HOWEVER it gives more depth to the movie and enhances the plot of the film ten times over! If you plan on seeing the movie - READ THIS FIRST.

I can't stress it enough! It's a fun read that introduces new elements into the 'Movie' universe. The follow-through to the movies loose threads is very accurate and it's just a shame this wasn't released as a more thorough novel.

Sorry that the review is vague but trust me you'll enjoy it more if you pick up the book!

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