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JLA: The Flash - Stop Motion

JLA: The Flash - Stop Motion

Writer: Mark Schultz
Cover: Alex Ross
Series cover design: Georg Brewer

Published by: Pocket Books (March 2004)

Reviewed by: Aaron Thall

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During a mission in orbit to destroy interdimensional debris coming towards Earth, the Flash feels terribly marginilized. However, he has no time to sulk, because terrible murders are taking place in Keystone City. Potential metahuman speedsters are being slaughtered, their brains exploding from within.

Soon enough, the Flash comes into conflict with a new speedster that can surpass the speed of light and easily outrace him... a speedster he catches at the scene of another gruesome murder. Only the timely intervention of the Martian Manhunter saves his life.

Investigating the crimes, he finds himself at STAR Labs, where he discovers that Allen DNA has been experimented upon.

Meanwhile, another interdimensional chunk of debris causes untold destruction in the ocean, forcing the JLA to respond.

Soon, a police standoff with mercenaries and a disgraced scientist yields answers. The new speedster is called the Super Luminoid, and its existance could mean the end to all that is. The Flash must race as never before to uncover the links between a mysterious armored figure, his mentor, Iris Allen, and the Super Luminoid before it brings about another Crisis.

And as you well know, Flashes have a real hard time surviving those...

5Story - 5: Of all the JLA novels, I must say this one is the most fun. Given that, of the characters featured, I like Flash best, that's hardly a surprise.

Schultz explores, in detail, the true power of the Flash, how an epic battle can take place in nanoseconds, and how he could one day be the most powerful being on Earth. And it's fascinating. Pity that potential will likely never be explored. As it is, it was fascinating to read about what the Flash must do to cope physically and mentally with his speed. It brought a bit of realism to a completely fantastic ability.

Superman, in this novel, comes off as being too perfect, which is par for the course. He easily bests the Flash at "Chasing the Bacon". He inadvertently takes the Flash's glory in the orbit mission. But when it comes time for sheer speed, there's nothing he can do. And that's bluntly how it should be. He himself admits that someday, he'll lose the "Bacon" game with Flash every time. He encourages while not fully realizing that he also intimidates.

2Cover Art - 2: It's hard to tell from the angle of the artwork, but, at least to me, the body language seems... off. The angle of the emblem seems just slightly skewed in relation to the chest angle, as does the chin. It's hard to say without seeing the entire image, but it just feels wrong somehow. Still, it's the Flash, and what else COULD you put on the cover?

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