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Superman Returns: Thank You, Superman!

Superman Returns: Thank You, Superman!

Writer: Benjamin Harper
Illustrator: Loston Wallace with John Trumbull
Cover: Greg Horn

Published by: Meredith Books (May 2, 2006)

Reviewed by: Steve Younis

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Back Cover Text: Superman came from a distant planet to stop bad guys and protect the people of Earth.

"Thank You, Superman!" is a 12-page board book intended for very young children.

The official book description says this book is "New for the young-at-heart: The adventures of Superman have been captured on the pages of this amazing board book. The easy-to-grip, thick, and sturdy pages make this book ideal for beginning readers and repeated use. Memorable images and a clever story line will have kids reading this classic again and again!" And I'd have to agree.

3Story - 3: With this book being written specifically for children not yet old enough to read for themselves, its approach is simplistic and basic, and fairs well in doing so.

The book basically introduces Superman in the first two pages, and then shows him doing some super deed for the remainder of the book, with the words "Thank you, Superman!" being repeated after each rescue. First he rescues a plane in danger, then he thwarts a bank robbery, and finally he repairs a broken train rail. THANK YOU, SUPERMAN!

4Art - 4: I quite like the art in this book. The illustrations are based on the character designs from "Superman Returns", but they're given an animated feel... a look somewhere between "Superman: The Animated Series" and the new "Legion of Super Heroes" cartoon.

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